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In 2000, a spare room and garage addition were added to the back of the farm house, without anyone realizing at the time where the project would lead. After a family reunion and several discussions with friends, the possibilities grew. The extra room could be rented out as a peaceful getaway for visitors, but it would require a lot of work.


Friends volunteered. On a shoestring budget, through auctions and word of mouth, design elements fell into place. Hours of dedication poured into the home and flower gardens. Colorful annuals and perennials grace the landscape from the spring through fall. Becky's ideas became a reality. 


Becky and Jim welcome you, your family and friends to the Red Bird Inn.

About Us

Our Story

Anyone who has driven down the Kellerville blacktop south of Illinois Route 24 knows the place. The magnificent farm house is dressed in sprays of blossoms and country charm with a rainbow of breathtaking flower beds adorning the landscape. The property has always had special meaning. The home was built by the Gore family and purchased by Becky's grandparents in the early 1900s. Recently, her family home has become a new venture called the Red Bird Inn.

The story behind our name


Becky recalls her dad, Maurice Roy, dropping by and asking if she'd like to go for a ride to check on the cows, "There was always something about getting in that old truck that made me feel like a kid again." They'd probably checked cows hundreds of times together, but it was one particular day that stood out. Becky's dad pulled up and she climbed in the old familiar truck and rode down their usual path. "He was always telling stories and I'd half listen because I'd heard them over and over." For Becky, though, his stories are what make those memories so vivid. And, for those who know Becky, you can bet her dad is likely the reason she's such a delightful storyteller. 


Her eyes light up as she recalls, "While we were in the pasture, I bet twenty red birds flew out of an old bush. It was like a flash of red when they flew." They couldn't believe how many they'd seen all at once. That image remained in Becky's mind and would soon bring her solace.


Shortly after that visit, Becky's dad had a stroke. Maurice had been well until that moment but his health took a turn for the worse. Having had a special bond with him, she was grasping for peace. "I kept seeing red birds everywhere. I needed comfort and it was the red bird that made me feel like everything was going to be okay."


Her kids were noticing red birds. One landed on her son's truck and he called to tell her about it. Her daughter saw one on a fence and she brought it to Becky's attention. Even her mother was noticing red birds. 


On one particularly rough day, Becky said she was driving along a gravel road and asked God for a sign that she would get through this difficult time. Just then, a red bird flew by the windshield. She said, "It gave me hope." From there, the Red Bird Inn got it's name. 

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