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Our Property

The property includes many unique features and so many of the elements have a story behind them.

For instance, a bridge Becky remembers from her childhood was salvaged and relocated to the front yard, and a stairway from a restaurant are a couple of the items with special meaning. 


A wall and lighthouse built out of geodes once decorated the backyard of a home in Clayton. Jim Kindhart, who shares Becky's passion in making things happen, was the supervisor in disassembling the geode wall. The lighthouse has arrived and the wall will be reconstructed outside of The Red Bird room along with a koi pond. The home where the wall originated was once connected to perhaps the same family or descendants of the Gores who lived south of Clayton. "Somehow things just find their way back home," Becky smiles. 


The flower gardens make a beautiful backdrop for bridal showers and weddings. A fire pit offers a place for families and friends to cook out. The peaceful view from the room offers a relaxing getaway for anyone.




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